A strong social media presence, is not only one of your best and least expensive marketing tools, but it also adds credibility to your small business. Below are the most popular social media sites and how you can utilize them to grow your lawn care business.


Over 1 billion people have signed up for Facebook, and there are undoubtedly Facebook users in your area. Of all the social media sites to have your lawn care business plugged in to, this one is a must. Facebook makes it easy to create a business profile page, upload a profile image, and upload a large cover photo.

When working on the content of your business profile page, you want to make sure it is both professional and friendly. You want it to be clear what your company is all about and why it is beneficial to be your customer.

When choosing a featured image, we recommend using your company logo. It looks professional and adds instant brand recognition.

When choosing a cover photo, we recommend using a high resolution example of your work. For instance, a beautifully manicured lawn, or photo of a luscious flower bed would be great. (If you do gardening as well)

You should post to your Facebook page at least once a day to engage with your customers. Below are some examples of posts:
Just finished this beautiful lawn! Call for a quote so you can have one too! (and add a picture of the lawn to your post)
Call for a quote today and receive 10% off of your first lawn care service!
It’s Weed Wacking Wednesday over here at (company name), what are you doing today?

Tip #1 Facebook allows businesses to schedule posts ahead of time. This will save you time if you use it. You can come up with posts at the beginning of the week and schedule them to post throughout the week so you can focus on running your business.

Tip #2 Facebook has a great ad platform for getting new followers and marketing to them.


Twitter is another popular social media site that uses a “miniblog” format. Your posts on twitter have to be short and sweet. Twitter can be used to connect with businesses who’s account you would like to win, as well as residential customers.

Twitter allows you a brief bio, profile picture, and cover photo-similar to Facebook.

With twitter there are two main types of tweets: Tweets and Retweets

What makes tweets different than Facebook posts, is that people use it more to share information, ideas, ect. So you should be making tweets that are educational in some way. For example:
Check out this article by (source), it gives you 3 ways to improve the green of your grass. #greengrass
According to (source) annual fertilizing helps the life of your lawn. #feeditanditwillgrow

Retweets are when you share someone else’s tweet. You would want to do this if you are trying to win over a company who’s business you want, or if a customer posted a tweet about what a good job you did on their lawn.

Tip: Using hashtags, which begin with a #, is a great way for you to find tweets to retweet and for other people to find your tweets to retweet. You can use them in a generic, easy to find way like #greengrass or to coin a phrase like #weedwackingwednesday.

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Instagram is defiantly growing, and is likely the popular social medium of the future. It is picture post only, so it would be great to use for pictures of your work. You will quickly notice that many of your Facebook friends are active on Instagram, a good reason to get one yourself!


LinkedIn is a great place to connect with professionals who’s corporate account you are trying to win.