That old saying: “Don’t let the grass grow under your feet” is certainly true in today’s competitive market for the provision of professional lawn care services. Author Michael Pollan once described a lawn as: “Nature under totalitarian rule”. If that’s true, then like any such state, it’s best to be the person in charge! Here are three proven ways to help you be in control of more lawns than those other guys.

“My brother-in-law told my mom you were the best”

Some of the sweetest words you’ll ever hear are those where one satisfied customer has recommended you to another. This can be in the circumstances mentioned above, or simply when folks pass by and see the results of your handy-work. Here’s a key question: how much effort do you put into making sure these oportunities happen? Do you ask your current customers: “Do you know anyone else I might be able to help?” If they provide you with names, then you can use theirs when you introduce yourself: “Your friend Elsie Grey is a great customer of mine and she suggested I call you”. You might even be bold when a customer suggests a name: “How would it be if we gave him a call right now?” Simply leaving flyers and business cards with people who currently use your services can lead to referrals, but equally, ask for testimonials to use on your website or printed material. Potential clients will usually react well to the idea of friends and family recommending a service.

“John found you on Facebook and then tweeted to let me know”

Social media is another terrific way to gain referrals, as well as providing a superb platform to let potential customers know all about you. If you are not yet telling your stories, passing on your news, and making new contacts this way business is already passing you by. Sites like Facebook and Twitter (and LinkedIn for business contacts or Instagram for great images) allow you to place your company in front of a huge number of people within the area in which you operate. You can offer tips and advice, and tell stories of problems being solved. As interactive opportunities, this is where you can have a lively conversation, compared to more traditional ads and flyers which provide only one-way contact. Check out our helpful article: “Social Media 101 for the lawn care business” to find out much more.

“Quote lawn care from anywhere”

That’s our tagline and we believe it fits in so well with how your lawn care business can thrive. You’re always on the move and this could result in missed opportunities to add these new customers to your busy schedule. This terrific Lawn Quoter tool will allow you to identify the square footage through a bird’s eye view of a lawn (saving you a time-consuming site visit) – and then send a quote in just sixty seconds or so! All you need is their address! It will also allow you to keep careful track of your customers’ information, share it with your team, and manage current work orders. In addition, Lawn Quoter is fully functional and responsive on mobile and tablet devices, allowing you to literally quote lawn care from anywhere.